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Saturday, March 19, 2022

I AM Academy collaborated with Holland Area Arts Council, CultureWorks Transformative Art + Design Academy, Kellie J Photography, and the Holland Museum to bring you “A year of Ubuntu.” This project is multifaceted as we bring together multiple organizations and various art mediums.

I AM Academy students took some photography lessons and then asked to take pictures of people and things that represent the African proverb of Ubuntu: “I am because we are”. This idea is all about the interconnectedness between us all. At the Holland Area Arts Council, “A year of Ubuntu” shows the way our students see their world and empowers us all to connect and be inspired by each other.

The Holland Museum taught I AM Academy students all about how exhibits are created and designed. The students came up with the idea for their exhibit, “Breaking Stereotypes.” They want their community to know that they are not defined by societal rules or others’ judgments. Their authentic selves are more than enough to accomplish their dreams and reach their full potential.

CultureWorks hosted I AM Academy students to explore layers of color through screenprinting and a bit of relief printing, inspired by the work of Delita Martin at Black Box Press. These works by the students highlight historical and contemporary figures who’ve played a significant part in shaping who they’re becoming… by paving the way, shining a light, or lending courage through their words and actions. Representation is a core pillar for I AM Academy. When we see what has been accomplished before us, we dream bigger, strive towards greater, and build upon a foundation that has already been set. We honor those who have been to the mountain top so that we can too.

Thank you to all who came out to support I AM Academy! The Holland Area Art Council and Holland Museum exhibits will be up for two weeks! 


We are greater together!


"A Year of Ubuntu" 
Photography and Printmaking