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The Truth of the Dream – A Student Poem

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“The Truth of The Dream”
Connor Saeteurn – 11th Grade


“I have a dream

that one day

even the state of Mississippi,

a state sweltering

with the heat of injustice,


with the heat of oppression

will be transformed

into an oasis

of freedom and justice.”

– Martin Luther King Jr., August 28, 1963

Words articulated to the rest of the world

Words announced so boldly

in front of all the hate-filled bodies

Words that changed America for the “better”

But are we really “living the dream”

that Dr. King so passionately fought for?

Since it looks to me

that we have only taken steps backwards.

Some people of color have jobs

and wages, and families

But what difference does that make

if discrimination is still taking its toll?

Not just with racism

but homophobia


and sexism.

Wouldn’t Dr. King tell us today

to love who we want to love

and be who we want to be?

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