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“Our Dream” – A Student Poem

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Our Dream
Oscar – 10th grade


“No, no, we are not satisfied,

and we will not be satisfied

until justice rolls down like waters

and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

That was the day

Martin Luther King Jr. said

“I have a dream”

And we are that dream

Power and voice bend mountains

Knowing that in all encounters

Freedom should glisten

Freedom is more than a vision

I am the dream

That is our theme

A theme that will gleam

Only if we nurture this uniting force

Through the prison of opposing scheme

Unknowing of the source

But knowing of our impacting ability

Our capability of civility and responsibility

We must protect, we must enforce

If we are to be the bream,

Of this dream’s course

With our own capability

We must look at what has been seen

But unacted upon, as a team

We will not let the extreme intervene

Not while we still stand agleam

We are that dream

That sings from mountaintops

That accepts all and doesn’t discriminate

That stands its ground

That blooms into a community of justice

One that he would’ve wanted

If we are to be this dream

This idea of liberty

If we are to call ourselves

“America, Land of the Free”

Then let us be free

We deserve equal rights

You may say we’ve been given newer freedoms

But that doesn’t mean

One thing makes up for another

When you abolished slavery

You killed transgender peoples

We don’t have all of the rights

That we as humans need

That white, straight, cis males get

Which they take for granted

Actions speak louder than words, America

I could say, that I am the dream

But I won’t

Because these changes cannot be done

By one person alone

So I’ll say

We are the dream

We will bring Martin Luther King’s water of justice

We will bring his mighty stream of righteousness

We will bring satisfaction to the wronged


As his dream

“Let freedom ring”

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