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Author: Mia Bass, Parent

Earlier this year, my wife and I made it a goal to teach our children how to swim. Neither of us had swimming lessons before and we have 4 children who needed to learn. This became a scary reality a few times after visiting water parks or beaches, and having to pull them above water, or having random panic attacks when they’re not in eyesight. Even with a life-jacket, if you don’t know the fundamentals of swimming, the water can be very dangerous.

This past week, they took swimming lessons for the very first time. Our younger daughter was afraid to get in the water, even with the floatation devices and lifeguards by her side. She watched as the other kids splashed and played, until she finally built up enough courage to jump in. It has been a transformative journey for all of them. Their confidence in the water has grown tremendously. We watched as they practiced safety techniques and were having so much fun, while learning how to swim. The team at I Am Academy was so encouraging to the children. They allowed them to participate at their comfort level, which made the children feel safe and grow more confident while in the water.

The impact of these swim lessons is invaluable for our kids. We hope that they will gain not only the ability to swim proficiently but also the self-confidence that comes with mastering a life skill. By becoming strong swimmers, they will have the freedom to enjoy water activities, stay safe in aquatic environments, and potentially pursue swimming as a lifelong passion. 

We’re forever grateful to be part of this experience because it goes beyond just teaching our children how to swim. It addresses a significant issue that disproportionately affects the black community. By ensuring that our kids acquire this essential skill, we aim to break this cycle of vulnerability and contribute to a positive change in the statistics.

The swim lessons have been incredible. Our children are excited for each session and their progress has been remarkable. All of the instructors have been patient, skilled, and dedicated throughout the process. This experience has truly been a game-changer and literal life-saver for our kids. Witnessing their growth and enthusiasm has been incredibly rewarding, and we look forward to seeing them thrive further in the water!